I really don’t have a lot to say this week.  Just that life is about growth.  A lot has happened in the last few weeks and while my first instinct is duck for cover until it all passes I can’t always do that.  Sometimes I have to roll my sleeves up and get something done and most of these times I learn something about myself – I grow a little bit.

The thing about death is that a life ends but all around other lives go on.  Sometimes a death changes very little, maybe you barely knew the person or relative so it doesn’t touch you that much.  Sometimes it’s the most important person in your life and everything, everything changes.  I’ve been through both, and after the emotion and break downs it hits you.  Life goes on.  The world keeps turning.  The sun will rise.

I started thinking about all of this while looking at the following pictures.  In the days and weeks following a death someone thought it would be a good idea to plant something next to their loved one’s grave.  Something that can grow.  People sometimes don’t know just how much they can grow, they surprise themselves.  And we don’t grow out of the memories of those that passed, they are part of us, they are the reason we are who we are.

These are pics of things that grew.  Grew more than anyone thought they would.  I’m sure it’s all our loved ones ever wanted for us.





This is one of my favorite pics, and was part of the Art de Morte collection in Minneapolis.  There’s something about the way the tree is wrapped around the stone, almost protecting it.



Picture 019

Picture 021

Picture 035

I sometimes wonder what it’s like to have a tree on your chest.

Picture 043



One thought on “Growth

  1. My husband once commented he liked fading stones and such. He was “as people pass from memory, the stones also fade away”. It’s about as deep as he gets… so I was taking it.

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