The Stone

I walk among the stones, they are polished to a shine
And somewhere in the world there is one that will be mine
On the ground they scatter where the fallen leaves have blown
I am searching for a special one but I’m not searching for my own

On it is a message for all the world to see
Carved there by a master and set beside a tree
To me it brings back memories of the days gone by
Memories should make me smile, instead I start to cry

But tears can blur our vision, we need to see ahead
Our footing must be certain upon the paths we tread
But for a fleeting moment I leave the path alone
Instead of looking skyward I am searching for a stone

And when at last I find it I will kneel in silent prayer
It gives me little comfort just knowing that it’s there
There are a billion stones around me but this one’s not the same
For on it’s carved a pair of dates beneath my father’s name


All the writing and images on these pages were taken by me and are copyrighted.  Please ask for permission before using any images or copies of texts.


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